We believe that better designed environments lead to happier lives.
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Design Meets Technology

We sit at the intersection of design, art and technology, combining together advanced 3D graphics, computer vision and creative curation. Our mission is to change the way we imagine, design and create our homes.

Meet The Team

The Modsy team is made up of an eclectic group of creatives, scientists, artists, and thinkers who all believe in the magic of imagining what is possible.

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Founder's Story
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In 2013 I moved into a new home with my husband. We started out bliss filled and enthusiastic as we imagined designing our new home together! After hours and hours spent on Pinterest, websites, catalogues, and in stores our enthusiasm was drained. Bored, frustrated and not even close to finding the solution, we gave up and landed with a half decorated living room.

It was at the end of this journey that I started imagining how the future of designing and shopping for your home may look very different one day soon.

I imagined a one stop digital catalogue that would allow anyone to easily see, imagine and buy all within the context of their very own home. This vision was soon molded, enhanced and brought to life by the incredible team that makes up the true essence and magic behind Modsy.

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