The Best Miami Interior Design Service

Live in Miami and looking for affordable interior design services? Instead of a traditional interior design firm, here are 10 reasons to give Modsy’s online design service a go.

The Best Miami Interior Design Service

Live in Miami and looking for affordable interior design services? Instead of a traditional interior design firm, here are 10 reasons to give Modsy’s online design service a go.

1. See Designs in Your Exact Room in 3D

Mood board collages and Pinterest boards are great for inspiration, but we take it one step further with our online interior design services. Once you kick off a project with our online designers, you’ll get realistic images of your room fully designed in 3D. That means you won’t have to wonder how furniture will look in your spaces anymore, you’ll actually see real pieces from brands you love in your rooms in stunningly realistic 3D!

If you live in Miami, Florida, making the most of your space and finding precise furniture with the right scale and proportions is a must—whether you live in a condo in South Beach, an oceanside duplex in Miami Beach, or a Spanish-style Meditteranean home in South Florida. It’s no surprise that many Miami renters and homeowners in need of affordable interior design (that’s also easy, fast, and precise) opt for our one-to-one 3D room designs at Modsy!

2. Get Paired With Interior Designers in Miami

With our Modsy online platform, we’ve put together a portfolio of designers all over the country who are ready to work with you on your design project, wherever you’re located, from California to Miami and anywhere in between. That means we’ll always be able to find you an interior designer who understands the general design style and lifestyle needs of your specific location. For example, if you live in Miami, you’ll be paired with one of our best interior designers who knows what it’s like to design a home for contemporary living in the tropical city.

What’s it like doing a Miami interior design project online?

It’s fast and easy! You’ll start by taking a Style Quiz that we put together with our interior designers. It will help us get a better sense of your style, budget, lifestyle needs, who lives in your space, and your challenges for your Miami design project. All of these details will help our designers bring your dream space to life while making sure it’s tailored to you.

The best part is once you kick off your online project, you’ll be able to access your interior designer no matter where you are. You’ll be able to message them, give feedback, and shop all the pieces they recommend right from your phone or laptop. Headed out on vacation or totally slammed at work? No problem. Your designer will keep things moving when life happens.

3. Our 3D Renderings Make Everything Easy

Our cutting-edge 3D technology has been a game-changer in Miami interior design! With our iOS app, you’ll barely have to lift a finger! Just use our app to scan your room or take a few photos with your smartphone. We’ll then create a custom 3D rendering of your room with every detail accurately captured—from the fireplace to the beach-facing windows.

From there, our interior designers will get to work. They’ll design your exact room with furniture and accents that are all to scale and fitting to your Miami style. This means you’ll be able to see how everything works together in your room before committing to buying a single piece of furniture. And through the magic of our 3D tech, our designers can present you with a final design concept in no time! We said it would be fast and easy, didn’t we?

4. Testimonials About Our Interior Designers in Miami Say it All

Hear from a few of our clients in Miami who got the home of their dreams with our affordable interior design service—from a luxury Miami vacation home to two studio apartments that needed to be made into one cohesive space.

A Boston native, Lisa was excited to create a summer escape where she could enjoy seaside living with loved ones. But first, she needed to refresh the vibe of her Miami vacation home.

My designer nailed my style and created the Miami contemporary-coastal, monochromatic look I’d dreamed of. Her communication was outstanding. She’s the BEST!
– Lisa C.

When Lindsay and her husband moved their family into a larger home, she needed more furniture to fill the space and guidance on creating a colorful design that captured her family’s playfulness without feeling tacky.

We knew we wanted our living-dining room to be a comfortable yet stylish hangout for us and the kids. The design we got from Modsy was stunning! It included the most spectacular rug—I have never seen a better rug in my life—and a fun pink accent wall!

– Lindsay R.

Gema and Kev had two new empty spaces they needed to make feel like home with their unique tropical style vision. But they had no idea how to execute their shared design ideas.

Our jaws dropped when we saw the 3D designs our Modsy designer created for both spaces! Everything just looked so real. The best part was knowing that all the pieces in our designs were actually ready to be bought!

– Gema and Kev

5. Get Expert Design Solutions for Miami Living

Working with our best interior designers in Miami, Florida, means you’ll get designs that are 100% tailored to your coastal lifestyle—along with all the unique struggles that come along with that. Be it finding the right indoor-outdoor furniture that stands up to the Miami climate or picking out accents and decor that work with the specific Mediterranean architecture of the region, we’ve got you covered.

Simply snap a few photos of your space to capture it in 3D and our designers will get to work. You’ll have a final room with exact pieces you can shop in no time! So whether you’re working on a sleek luxury condo in South Beach or Miami Beach, or decorating a multi-story home in South Florida or North Miami, you can get started with a few photos of your space and count on our best interior designers to make your design work for you and your Miami lifestyle!

6. Interior Design Without the Miami Price Tag

At Modsy, we take pride in offering an affordable interior design service that’s high quality, efficient, and easy for anyone. We believe that everyone deserves a stylish and comfortable home.

We get that most people can’t afford a traditional full-service interior design firm or a boutique Miami interior design studio like the ones in magazines. It’s common for the top decorators and very best interior designers in Miami, Florida, to charge expensive fees just to get a project off the ground. Think hundreds of dollars for an initial consultation, then a $50-$200 hourly rate. And that doesn’t include what you’ll spend on all the furniture!

We take a totally different approach at Modsy. Our affordable interior design services have fixed and transparent prices. You pay per room, not by the hour. And our design packages start at $159 per room, which is a huge difference in cost!

7. Another Difference? Unlimited Design Revisions!

One more thing that sets Modsy’s affordable interior design services apart is that we always offer unlimited revisions! Yes, that means if you don’t like your design or just want to see a few tweaks, we’ll revise it as many times as you need us to until you have a final design you love.

Once you’ve completed our Style Quiz and captured photos of your room, your designer will work on your space and send through initial designs in 3D based on all your information. At this point, you’ll be able to tweak and adjust your room with your designer until it’s exactly what you want.

In general, most Modsy customers will do 2-3 rounds of revisions before landing on a final design they love. What’s more is that our unlimited revisions are 100% complimentary—so no extra charges, no hidden fees! Because it’s part of our affordable interior design service to help you explore all your furniture and design options to get a room that’s just right and perfect for you.

8. Experiment With Popular Miami Design Styles

Miami interior design and architecture are anything but boring. So take a bold style approach with your design. If you need help figuring out your design style, our designers will help you discover it and bring it to life. And if you’re a fan of Miami design, try experimenting with some of the most popular design styles in the coastal region. Check out three of our favorites below for some inspiration!

’80s Miami Modern

Derived from modern design, it doesn’t get more Miami than this. The ’80s design look can be traced to the Memphis design group, a collective made up of iconic designers and decorators, who brought bright, bold, and eclectic over-the-top furniture and decor to the mainstream. Today, the look often features sleek, streamlined designs, modern shapes, and tons of bold colors and patterns. It’s perfectly maximalist for the sleek Miami Beach condo and equally at home inside a tropical vacation home in South Florida. Think Miami Vice but polished!

Miami Art Deco

The classic design style has historic roots in Miami. The geometric shapes and bold colors that define the architecture and design in Miami Beach’s Art Deco Historic District are proof of that. Inside today’s luxury Miami homes, Art Deco has evolved to include a mix of contemporary geometric furniture, lots of polished materials like mirrored finishes and lacquer, and bright pops of colorful decor that include neon-light accents. Think old-school Havana Nights vibes.

Spanish Mediterranean Style

Even more classical than Art Deco is the Mediterannean villa aesthetic that’s uniquely Floridian. These are the open, airy, and comfortable multi-story estate homes that are found all along the lush areas of the coast. These homes have distinctly Spanish rustic undertones and are often furnished with lots of natural materials, contemporary but comfy indoor-outdoor designs, and a healthy dose of vintage European decor and accents. It’s also a design style favored by the best interior designers in Miami, Florida, for its relaxed-refined, high-low, mix-and-match aesthetic.

Need Help Figuring Out Your Style?

9. Shop Miami’s Favorite Furniture Brands

Additionally, with our design service, you’ll also get access to amazing product selections from top brands you know and love—such as the luxury design brand Design Within Reach and contemporary favorites like CB2 and West Elm.

Beyond luxury and well-known brands, we’ve also partnered with unique home boutiques as well as hard-to-find brands—specifically ones that only the best interior designers in Miami have access to. All that is to say, we’re pretty picky about the places we source our products from. Which is also why our in-house team of experts hand-pick every product you see in our Modsy catalog to make sure they’re high-quality, meet our style standards, and are the best of the best. Here are some of the brands our Miami clients love.

10. We’re Miami’s One-Stop Online Design Hub

Our fully online approach is meant to make life easier for you. We’re your one-stop-shop for designing the perfect space. From gathering inspiration to working one-on-one with your designer to shopping for the exact pieces in your final design, you can do everything without leaving your couch.

And speaking of shopping for furniture, there’s one more thing. We also work behind the scenes to do all the heavy lifting once you’ve picked out the pieces for your room design. We have a dedicated team to handle ordering your pieces as well as coordinating all your purchases, shipping, and deliveries to your home in Miami (plus returns, if needed!). It’s all part of our promise for affordable interior design that’s easy and efficient for you!

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