The Best San Antonio Interior Design Service

Looking for an affordable interior designer in San Antonio, TX? Here are 10 reasons to think beyond the traditional interior design firm, and try out Modsy’s online design services.

The Best San Antonio Interior Design Service

Looking for an affordable interior designer in San Antonio, TX? Here are 10 reasons to think beyond the traditional interior design firm, and try out Modsy’s online design services.

1. See Your Exact Room Designed In 3D

Struggling to imagine how your interior design Pinterest boards and ideas will actually look in your home? We’ve solved that at Modsy. With our interior design service and iOS app, you’ll be able to see exactly how your room will look in realistic 3D. And everything is done online!

Our online design process starts with turning photos of your room into an exact, to-scale 3D rendering of your space. It’ll capture the size, scale, and all the details of your room—from the color of the walls to ceiling fans and even crown moldings.

From there, our interior designers will furnish your room, keeping your style, budget, and lifestyle needs top of mind. That means if you live in San Antonio, Texas, and you’re designing a new home in a historic mansion or a ranch-style bungalow, our interior designers will factor in San Antonio’s home and architecture styles—be it rustic and southwestern with a San Antonio twist or more vintage-inspired shabby chic.

2. Work With an Expert San Antonio Interior Designer

Our fully online interior design service lets you work one-on-one with a designer from the comfort of your home. We’ve partnered with the best interior designers across the country, from New York to Chicago to Texas. So we can easily pair you with a designer who’s an expert on home projects in San Antonio, TX. With our online platform, you’ll also be able to message your designer, send feedback, and even shop their furniture picks for your home, all from your phone or computer. Yep, no need to schedule appointments weeks out or trek your way across San Antonio to see them every time an idea pops into your head. So if you get inspired on vacation or while out with friends, you can instantly let them know.

So if you’re decorating a Spanish bungalow or townhouse apartment in San Diego, we’ll be sure to find you one of our San Diego interior designers who understands the climate, the furniture, and decor that work well with that, and the overall coastal interior design style of the city.

Put Yourself In The Designer’s Seat

Another benefit of our online interior design services is that our platform is great for DIYers (Design-It-Yourselfers!) who want to get in the designer’s seat. You can play with our online design tools and DIY features that let you swap new furniture in and out of your room in seconds. You’ll also be able to drag-and-drop furniture and move items around your room to try new layouts and arrangements.

And if you run into a wall, your dedicated designer is always just a message away if you need help, want a second opinion, or if you decide to hand the project reins back over to them.

3. 100% Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you’re designing your first new home in San Antonio, Texas, or just doing a full rehaul of the decor in one room, your home should reflect your unique sense of style. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best interior designers who are pros at all design styles and know how to tackle projects of any scale while prioritizing your style, budget, and lifestyle needs.

For example, your dedicated San Antonio designer can help address unique design struggles specific to your home—be it working around the traditional architecture in your San Antonio home or coming up with a layout solution that works for you, your kids, and even your pets. Love having large gatherings to watch football? We can design a living room for TV viewing with lots of comfy seating. Need a home office designed for productivity? We’ve got you covered.

4. The Fastest Way To Design Your Home

A traditional interior design firm can take months to finalize designs for projects. Our proprietary technology expedites the design process, so our interior designers can show you fully completed designs in a matter of weeks. You’ll get designs delivered to your email and you’ll be able to access them anytime, anywhere.

Think of our online platform as a one-stop-shop that offers you inspiration and actually brings it to life, from finding your style to designing your room to shopping for the final pieces. And it all takes no time!

5. Unlimited Revisions (Yes, That’s Right!)

If you’re worried you won’t like any of the designs from your interior designer, don’t worry. It’s why we offer unlimited revisions as part of our online interior design service, so we can make sure you walk away with a design for your San Antonio home that you love.

Our interior designers go through an average of 2 to 3 rounds of revisions with customers before landing on a final design. And we’ve made the process seamless for you! Once your 3D room is scanned and sent to your interior designer, they’ll come up with initial designs based on the information you’ve provided, like budget, style, and what your needs are for the space. They’ll send along their first designs and from there you’ll be able to work with them to tweak and make any changes. Our interior designers are committed to helping you, so they’ll be sure to work with you until your design is 100% right for you. And with unlimited revisions, you’ll be able to explore different design styles and furniture options to find what suits you and your space best.

6. Reviews From Our San Antonio, TX, Clients Speak for Themselves!

We’ve worked on many inspiring interior design projects in San Antonio, TX. From a stylish bachelor looking to trick out his San Antonio apartment to a family of four in need of a spacious nursery for new twins on the way, see how a few of our best interior designers helped bring these San Antonio homes to life.

Carlos had a good eye for picking out individual pieces of furniture, but he struggled to merge his many ideas into a cohesive design for his empty San Antonio apartment.

My designer really captured my style and helped me figure out how to bring in pieces I already had along with new furniture and decor that I wouldn’t otherwise have found.

– Carlos F.

When Kolula discovered she was pregnant with her second set of twins she knew she needed help designing a new nursery while she was busy taking care of her two toddlers.

There’s so much I appreciate about Modsy—the 3D renderings, being able to switch out items, the price point! I had such a good experience picking out the layout and decor of the nursery.

– Koula B.

When Jeff opened a transitional living house for people in addiction recovery, he knew how to help his residents heal—but he needed help designing a safe space where their healing could happen.

I love how Modsy streamlined the interior design process. It saved me so much time and energy. I was able to decorate the whole house without ever leaving my couch!

– Jeff M.

7. Explore Popular Design Styles in San Antonio, TX

The interior design styles in San Antonio are anything but boring. In fact, San Antonio homes come in a wide range of styles, and they often feature a unique blend of rustic, southwestern, and vintage decor. With that in mind, here are three design styles that our Texas clients love to see in their San Antonio homes.

Modern Farmhouse

It’s no surprise this tailored farmhouse look is a popular style choice in San Antonio, where there are plenty of modern barns and ranch houses. Equal parts rustic and elegant, this interior design style is the perfect mix of laid-back upholstery, weathered wood pieces, natural-fiber rugs and accents, sculptural lighting, and graphic art. This is a great style approach for decorating a high-ceilinged San Antonio home given it’s anchored by large-scale upholstered pieces.

Rustic Southwest

A favorite of interior designers, this bright, layered look nods to the rustic colors of the San Antonio landscape and the region’s indoor-outdoor vibe. It’s an eclectic look often found in bungalows, where compact furnishings are paired with earthy hues, kilims and other southwestern patterns, leafy plants, and lots of organic textures such as worn wood, woven baskets, and cowhide. If you love decorating with a desert-inspired look, this is for you.

Shabby Chic

Interior designers love this rustic cottage look for its decidedly vintage mix. Think French-style antiques and furniture, painted wood pieces, timeworn materials, weathered finishes, and ornate forms and classical accents. It’s the perfect combination of French baroque aesthetic and countryside charm. You can expect to see this style played up in a small San Antonio cottage, with its rustic architecture and Old World antique vibes, but all with a light feminine twist.

Need Help Figuring Out Your Style?

8. More Affordable Than a Traditional Interior Design Firm

Traditional interior designers and design firms in San Antonio, TX, can be expensive. While they’re great, these San Antonio interior designers can cost up to several hundred dollars for an initial consultation, then charge an hourly rate of $50-$100 per hour, on average. And that’s before all the money you’ll be spending on furniture and decor.

At Modsy, our prices are fixed and transparent. You pay per room, not per hour, starting at just $159 per room. Our prices include getting matched with the best interior designers for San Antonio projects from our portfolio, as well as unlimited revisions on your designs. If you ask us, it’s a much more affordable interior design solution with all the benefits and then some!

9. Shop Popular San Antonio Brands with Exclusive Discounts

Speaking of perks, when you use our online interior design service, you’ll be able to shop directly from your 3D designs. Wondering what brands you’ll have access to? Think Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, and more!

And of course we honor sales from our partner brands! So when CB2 is having a sale, we’ll honor those by giving you the same deals through Modsy. The best part? As a Modsy customer, you’ll also get exclusive Modsy savings on top of any sales and deals, so you can potentially save hundreds of dollars when you shop through us. Plus, you’ll get to see the pieces actually placed inside your home with our 3D designs. It’s a win-win-win!

Access Designer-Exclusive Brands

Beyond retailers you know and love, you’ll also be able to shop from unique brands that only sell to designers, as well as hard-to-find ones that carry decor you might not find in places like San Antonio, TX. All to say, consider Modsy your backstage pass to access some of the design world’s best-kept secrets.

10. Love Your Design or Your Money Back

Online design can be intimidating—what if you get a design you don’t like? Don’t worry. We’re confident that won’t happen and, in fact, we guarantee you’ll find a design you love or your money back!

Ready to Start Designing Your San Antonio Home?